Lucy McLauchlan

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Installation and street artist Lucy McLauchlan has created Places to Dwell that May Never Have Been Seen, a sequence of fluid, playful location-responsive installations situated throughout the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve woodland. This installation presents McLachlan’s iconic monochromatic drawings alongside found objects and waste materials sourced from the Nature Reserve and beyond. The artwork aims to be both decorative and useful, providing habitat opportunities for non-human life found within the Reserve. McLauchlan’s large-scale monochromatic paintings and installations are equally at home within galleries and museums and covering multi-story building across Europe, gigantic billboards in China, huts of The Gambia, Italian water towers, Norwegian lighthouses, car parks of Detroit and the depths of abandoned subway tunnels in New York.

The installation will be open to the public from May 2016.

This is a Nomad Projects commission - supported by Arts Council England. Arts Council England NOMAD Projects logo JPEG

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