‘Human Nature’ Talks & Discussions – Part 2

The Human-Nature talks programme explored the generative and often overlooked potential of un-purposed growth within and across London. Over the course of the programme our speakers discussed the perception gap between built and non-built environments. Ideas surrounding urban wildness, harvestable medicine, alternative urban planning and the role of biodiversity within the modern city were be discussed. The talks were situated across two parts of London – Siobhan Davies Studios in Southwark and the Phytology site in Tower Hamlets. Both locations represent the diverse and complementary landscape of the contemporary city.


Tony Juniper

'What Has Nature Ever Done For Us?'

Britain’s leading environmental campaigner, Tony Juniper discusses the services nature performs for us, from the provision of water and food to the atmosphere and environment which sustains and protects us.
For more than 25 years Tony Juniper has worked for change towards a more sustainable society. Speaking with reference to his newly published book 'What has Nature Ever Done For Us? - Why money really does grow on trees', Juniper focuses on the idea of Natural Capital and its critical importance to us. Introduced and chaired by Sue Illman, President of the Landscape Institute.

Johanna Gibbons & Paul Lincoln

'Observing Urban Ecology'

Johanna Gibbons of J & L Gibbons, Landscape Architects and Paul Lincoln of the Landscape Institute lead a walk from City Hall, seat of the Capital’s politics, along the South Bank of the Thames, cutting south towards Siobhan Davies Studios. Exploring plants, people and place, this walk includes a lunch made from locally grown produce at its final destination, the Mobile Gardeners’ temporary site at the heart of Elephant & Castle’s regeneration.

Ackroyd & Harvey

Radical Growth

Ackroyd & Harvey discuss the special freedom an artist has to work across boundaries and make powerful, though often subtle statements in an increasingly managed environment.
The artists speak with reference to their large-scale organic architectural interventions, focussing on those created in London: Dilston Grove, Fly Tower and History Trees (commissioned for the Olympic Park). The celebrated duo also introduce ideas bound up in their long-term project, Beuys' Acorns.

Human-Nature is held in association with the Landscape Institute and the London Festival of Architecture.

Commissioned by the Siobhan Davies Dance.


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