Bill Posters

A large billboard hoarding has been installed within the South-West corner of the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, hosting an evolving and eclectic series of interventions by contemporary artists. The billboard is intentionally incongruous within the overgrown site, aiming to challenge ideas of use, value, resilience and the function of wildness within our urban ecosystem. Billboard artists include Adelaide Bannerman + Daze Aghaji, Saif Osmani, Fiona Banner, Melissa Moore, Lu Williams (Grrrl Zine Fair), Vanessa Kisuule, Sam Wallman, Ruth Ewan, Amy Feneck & Ruth Beale. Photo - 'wecomewithourquestions' by Daze Aghaji + Adelaide Bannerman Phytology is a Nomad Projects commission. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.

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